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On these page you will find a wide variety of media, including the films we have made, our Smileboxes, and other examples of our work throughout Riversdale. Everything has, at some point, been featured on our main school site, however here you will find the complete collection gathered together in one place. Enjoy!

Riversdale Year 6 pupils prepare to experience the thrill of a Lion King performance, at a London Theatre. They have already created colourful pictures, written letters and watched 'behind the scenes' DVD's. This is a short trailer in anticipation of their exciting trip.
Thanks go to the school voices of Bernadette and Zunaira....and of course, everyone else at Riversdale!

In ICT students in explore and make their own pop up books. Using a wide range of techniques they create storybooks - here they are shown reading from their books and showing us how they work. Vicki, the year 4 class teacher, and Sandra, the LSA, had great fun with the children as they learnt how to plan their books, and work out how to put together the special mechanisms that are used to make pop up books.

  Year 6 storyboarded and filmed this wonderful movie, all about Riversdale.  This was our entry for the Teaching Awards 'Film Your School' competition, which was sent off in time for the deadline of 1st March.
Groups of children went around the school armed with video cameras, their storyboards and their imagination, to film glimpses of life in Riversdale School.

As part of the lovely assembly that Year 3 presented to the school last week, a team of dancers showed us some Bollywood style dancing.  The whole assembly was full of colour and imagination, this is just one small part of it! 
 Click here to watch the video.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Sports Relief

On Friday 19th March, Riversdale had a great day supporting Sports Relief. We wore sporty clothes, had crazy hair, and ran a mile.  It was our chance to join thousands of people as we rose to the challenge, and raised cash to change lives, and have a great time too!

A great video of year 6 - learning the 'multiplication dance' ....

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: We love school !!!!!
Lovely Smilebox featuring Year 6. A touch of maths, with a hint of ICT - and lots of smiles!

  We had lots of film footage, so this is just a very small slice of the action!  The Mayor of Wandsworth herself told us how much she had enjoyed watching this video, when we visited her in Wandsworth Town Hall.

Normally school age children find the election of a new prime minister a boring process. Their television programmes are taken from the schedule and instead are replaced with dry political debate. However, at Riversdale Primary School every child eagerly participated in the election process.

Each child wrote their own manifesto as to what their policies would be if they were elected Prime Minister. These ranged from Felicity in Year one stating that she would make sure that everybody who had to go to hospital would have someone to hold their hand, to Cate in year 6 who would personally fill in every pothole in the country.

Children elected an MP for every class and then the hustings were held. Each MP and their team produced banners, posters, badges and flyers. Every child visited the ballot box on Thursday May 6th and cast their vote!

Was it the Happy Party, the Sports Party, the Ginger Party, the Riverservatives, the SuperHero Party, the Magic Party. We waited with debated breath!
Watch our film and find out for yourself who won..... :) 

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Life in Yr 4

Working away in the classroom, a look at the display work, and a glimpse of the lovely book corner!  Also, an interesting peek at some of the dramatic poses they get up to during...........drama!  Enjoy our Smilebox.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Pop Ups with Year 4

All the chidren had such a fun time making these pop up books.  They used many different methods of construction to put them together, and although it was quite hard work at times, they all made fantastic books.  We will be making a video, with the children showing you other pages in their books, with a demonstration of how they work!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Paper Mache Heaven!

Yr 5 had a fantastic time making paper mache constructions around a balloon. Sandra Ruffini  took some great photos of them totally engrossed in their project, although it was David (Yr 5 teacher) who stood on his desk to take the arial shots!  Well done everyone - we will create another Smilebox of you when you get to paint them, and we shall enjoy seeing your finished results....

Ola, a teacher at Riversdale Primary School, sings 'We are the World' in aid of Haiti. A London primary school, Riversdale is a place where you feel valued and respected - its a place to develop responsibility, respect and confidence. A place where you are heard, and treated as an individual - a place to be safe and to grow. Riversdale.

The video was filmed at Riversdale School, with the beautiful singing voice of Ola, with filming and editing by Wendy Elf. Thank you Margaret for holding the music sheet!

Riversdale School have raised over £850 in aid of Haiti so far, by holding various fundraising events throughout the school. Check out our website for more details:

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